I hear about Website Maintenance from client

Website Maintenance! Well, I chuckle every time when a client asks me this type of a question. I have to laugh a bit because most of the website owners are unaware of the fact that not having frequent updates on the website doesn’t mean that you would not need any website maintenance services.

“I’ll not be doing many changes to my website. So, I may not have to worry about website maintenance, right?”

The fact is that even if you do not make any changes to the content or the website functionality, you would still require website maintenance services to make sure that the website runs smoothly and is secure. Ideally, a strong website strategy includes both addition of new informative and relevant content as well as regular maintenance. The mix of two will make the website running smoothly for the search engines and social media also.

Website Maintenance need for the success?

Regular updates to WordPress

In simple words, the software that runs everything for your website needs to be updated on a regular basis. If you own a WordPress website, there can be several updates that include bug fixes, security and others. The new updates released by WordPress may include some additional functionality. It is advisable to check your WordPress website at least once a few weeks to check for updates. When you choose WebsiteCrisis for web maintenance services, I check for updates several times each week to ensure that there are no security issues with the clients’ websites. This ensures that the clients’ websites stay on the top and are safe.

Check for Broken Links

When a user moves from one page to another within your website, and from one website to another, it is all about links. Broken links can damage your reputation with the search engines and offer a frustrating user experience. You may not be aware that you are losing a lot of business if you have broken links. I check for broken links, internally as well as externally.

Keep Your Database Optimized

After conducting updates, spam cleanup, and broken link fixing, all these changes will leave a trace in the database. As the database is the source of all the information running your website, it is important to keep the database clean and optimized. If you fail to do so, it can result in slow-down of your website performance and also cause several other issues.

Back it up!

Backups of your website are important because if the database of your website crashes, the backup can help you restore everything. We run a database backup at least once a week to avoid such problems.

A good website maintenance plan can help to keep your website running smooth and secure, all the year round. It also offers the best possible experience to your visitors. Try our services for free and enjoy the benefits:

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