Tips to Consider During Website Development to Boost Sales

Many websites owners are not aware of the fact that the look, feel and design of their website plays a very important role when it comes to revenue generation. Everything, starting from the landing pages to the shopping cart and checkout matters a lot. Even the slightest change can make or break the conversion rate.

Always keep in mind to design the website from the user perspective. Your website needs to be appealing and highly intuitive to help shoppers. But a good number of websites fail to do so. This is because some developers go for flash animations which slows down the website while, others go for color combinations which fails to attract shoppers.

One of the best ways to know what works well for your shoppers is to simply conduct A/B testing. You can try out different elements on the storefronts and see what works well for your website. I strongly recommend doing it as it will help you know about your shopper’s nature.

Still, if you are a bit confused about the look of your website, simply go through the following tips for better answers.

Improve the Visibility of the Shopping Cart

A shopper comes on your shopping website and likes an item; the product is then added to the cart. So it is important that the website shows the item registered in the shopping cart. Once the shopper has completed the shopping he/she should be easily redirected to the checkout, right?

So now you have to ensure that the shopping cart is clearly visible. You can make use of contrasting color schemes or go for a pop up box for the same. This will help users to easily identify and spot the shopping cart.

Make “add-to-cart” Clear & Specific

Call-to-action buttons mean differently to the shoppers. For example, if the “add-to-cart” button has the text saying “Learn More” or “More details” then the shoppers planning to proceed towards checkout will not react to it. But, when the text like “Buy Now” was placed on the button, shoppers responded better to it increasing the click-through rate.

Moreover, making use of the right color scheme is very important. If you make use of gentle colors you will be able to get better response and vice verse. Again, opting for color scheme that complement with your website is also better.

Update & Organize the Product Pages

The main agenda of your website is to make people shop for your products and so organizing the product pages is very crucial. You need to make sure that the shoppers first see your product along with details when they are on the page. Customer reviews are definitely important but, they should be given space at the end of the page. You can even provide a list of similar products as well as other items that can be purchased along with the main product. For example, you can show some accessories that can go well with the dress displayed on the product page.

Make Navigation Path Clear

Shoppers may get irritated when they encounter some unwanted elements as well as hidden menus on the website. So you need to make sure such items are shown the way out.

Again, too many categories on the page can make it look crowded. So better go for fly-out menus as they will make everything look organized as well as clutter-free.

Improve the shopper experience on your website by making use of bread crumbs. This will direct them back in case they get lost on the website.

Ensure Distraction-free Checkout

Remember all your website is designed to make money through sales. So you should ensure your customers reach the checkout directly after adding products to the shopping cart. Moreover, it would be better if you could avoid the “Continue Shopping” option at the checkout as you don’t want to distract them from the whole process.

It has been found that single page checkout is very much effective as it simply persuades the shopper to complete the process.

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