TestFlight Alternative for iOS, Android, Windows with bug reporting system.

I know this is not related to Website Maintenance rather it is for Mobile App Development but I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this latest tool.

Every mobile developer must have faced the problem to guide their customer about how to download and install Ad-Hoc test bundle on their mobile device. And due to the same reason major of them must have used “TestFlilght” for iOS app distribution Ah! What a relief!

But after it has been acquired by giant “Apple” it is no more our same old buddy but much more mature personality or in other words it is no more so handy as it was after acquired by Apple which is of course due to Apple’s solid security criteria but if you will ask developer’s they need easy way to distribute their iOS App bundle In fact they need easy distribution system to distribute mobile apps for other platforms too Eg. Android Mobile Apps, Windows Phone Apps etc.

Well, I think the wait is over and you can do this much easily but efficiently too with lot’s of other perks. I came to know about this amazing tool which is not just an alternative of our old buddy “TestFlight” but also an customer feedback, bug reporting and tracking analytical tool.

Don’t believe me?  Then register yourself from this link CLICK HERE. It is beta release but absolutely free to use for all and serve its purpose.

Main features are as follow:

App Distribution – You can distribute apps to multiple users for testing. Same method as TestFlight. Ask users to register then you can send them invite to download and they simply download it.

Customer Feedback – Customer can submit their feedback directly from their mobile device in form of Text, Audio, Image, Highlighter etc. You just need to add SDK before sending test bundle to customer.

Bug Reporting – All the bugs reported by different app users who uses app distribute through this system. Also, you can see crash logs along with client’s device level information too. And your QA, Development team can simply work on it just like Mantis or BugZilla.

Crash Reporting – As we all always wanted to know why app is crashing so this tool is meant to track the all those crashes and it sends all the crash  logs directly on your Web based dashboard.

For more information you can visit their website.

Hope you guys like this article and tool. WebsiteCrisis still serving Website Maintenance & Web Development Services to the world and yes we do Mobile Apps as well hence we know this tool can do much more if you are developing a Mobile App for you or for your customers.

Nigel Saben

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  1. Nathan

    Posted on April 19, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    Best TestFlight Alternative for iOS.!!

    • Nigel Saben

      Posted on April 19, 2016 at 7:19 pm

      Thanks Nathan!