Did you know Google is changing their approach?

Did you know Google is changing their approach and you may have to change with them or risk your website being penalized? On April 21st Google released a new search engine algorithm update which is now being called “Mobilegeddon” because the decision for this update mostly considers mobile friendliness of a site.

If you consider the mobile web experience, it’s not surprising Google is making this change –  57% of users say they won’t recommend a business that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, and 40% claim they have chosen a competitor because they had a mobile-friendly site.

Should You Optimize?
Consider this:

  • If you have a large millennial audience, you should absolutely make changes to become mobile-optimized.
  • If you’re tracking your site visits, check to see where most of your traffic is coming from. If you’re seeing an uptick in mobile traffic, mobile-optimization may actually increase your overall conversion rates.

The Bottom Line – Moving forward, Websites that are not friendly for mobile users are at risk of being penalized with lower search engine rankings.  Sites that optimize the mobile user experience will now see higher search engine rankings.

Want to find out how Google views your website? Take this simple one-step Mobile Friendly Test directly from Google.

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